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Chris: Career Transformer

Journeyman Electrician

Chris: Career Transformer

item17a3c1a1a1A mechanically-inclined child, Chris was always able to take things apart and put them back together.   After graduating from high school, Chris went to a community college and earned a certification to work on various computers. It was a job, not a career.  He got tired of that mundane job.  A Journeyman friend of his suggested he go back to school, take a few classes on the theory of electricity and consider participating in a union apprenticeship program.  He was hooked! 

In November of 2003, Chris filled out his paperwork for the apprenticeship training program. He had an interview in December and started work in May of 2004.  All of his on-the-job training was paid for as a part of the union apprenticeship program.  Working for the same construction contractor throughout his five-year apprenticeship provided a foundation of success he realizes now as a Journeyman.  At the beginning of his apprenticeship, his salary was half that of a journeyman wage.  Based on his proficiency, his pay was increased five percent every six months. 

Chris describes the relationship between the journeyman and apprentice as extremely important because as you work side by side, the more the journeyman teaches the apprentice, the more help the journeyman will receive in return.  After receiving his journeyman license in March of 2007, Chris has taken over as the teacher.  He carries the attitude that “somebody taught me, I need to teach someone.”

Years in the Trade: 4

Professional Affiliations: Electrical Workers Local 611


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"I am the kind of person who will take something apart just to put it back together again."

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