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Christy: Multi-Million Manager

Project Manager

Christy: Multi-Million Manager

item17a3c1a1a1After graduating from high school, Christy envisioned herself pursuing a career in engineering. After spending time as an intern with a structural engineering firm, Christy realized that she wanted a more hands on element to her occupation. She enrolled at the University of New Mexico and graduated with a degree in Architecture. While she was still at UNM, Christy took a part time job with a construction company as an assistant project manager. Her experience at the company was so positive that when she graduated the company offered her a full time position as a Project Engineer or PMI. Soon after graduation, Christy was promoted to PMII or senior Project Manager and is coming up on seven years in an industry she finds as exciting as the day she took the part time job.

Christy laughs when she is asked about her preconceived notions about working in construction as a "field for boys". She says the construction industry suits her personality because she loves the possibility of taking ideas to the limit and being able to drive by a building and know that you personally had a hand in its making. "You see the job change right before your eyes, from dirt to a finished, landscaped's really a great feeling." Ultimately, for Christy, the best part of her job is that it is always dynamic because it changes not only project to project but day to day as each portion is competed.

"Today, I manage multi-million dollar projects with the support of the dedicated, skilled professionals on the job site. In addition, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Construction Management at UNM. There is a different challenge every day and I really enjoy my job and the company I work for."

Years in the Trade: 10


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"Today, I manage multi-million dollar projects with the support of the dedicated, skilled professionals on the job site."

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