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Welcome Educators

Help Us Present the Possibilities.

Welcome Educators As a contributor into the lives of young people, your feedback influences their decisions- and their decisions shape their futures.

Trade Up New Mexico is an industry-supported initiative that is striving to connect young people entering the workforce with information about construction trade work opportunities, resources and employers within the state of New Mexico.

New Mexico is booming with construction-related opportunities. And because the state's skilled work force in construction is aging, construction firms are paying premium wages to attract and keep laborers on their projects.

Trade Up is striving to attract suitable young people who enjoy doing skilled physical tasks and using their creative and problem-solving skills into the construction trades workforce.

The purpose of this website section is to provide you with some tools to help you share about construction trade career opportunities with your students. In the pages that follow, you will have many of your questions answered about the type of coursework that is needed in order to be successful in the building trades, as well as information about the career pathways available in this industry as a result of participating in and completing certified apprenticeship training.

We hope that, as an adult who daily speaks into the lives of our young people making career decisions, you will join us as a partner, and present the construction trades as a positive option for students seeking your counsel about careers.

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Trade Up to plumbing and pipe fitting, sheet metal or electrical trades and earn top wages while getting an education at the same time.

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