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Dominic: Super-craftsman Dominic: Super-craftsman

Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker

Dominic: Super-craftsman

item17a3c1a1a1“There is a difference between unskilled labor and a skilled craft,” recalls Dominic. “I had turned 18 years old and didn’t like the path I was headed down. It was time for a change.” With family members already in the labor industry, Dominic saw the benefits of working with your hands and helping to build something that was bigger than himself. Earning his GED, he enrolled in a union apprenticeship program. It provided him a good paying job, instruction that was paid for and full health and retirement benefits.

In addition to his Journeyman license, Dominic also earned an Associate’s Degree because he knew he wanted to do more than work in the trade- he wanted to manage the trade! Now, married with two children, his family is thrilled and reflects his success. They are grateful for the benefits, camaraderie and purpose that being a part of a trade union provides. He has come a long way from high school metals class and helping his father-in-law dig ditches. He no longer has a job, he has a career.

Years in the Trade: 4

Professional Affiliations: Sheet Metal Worker Local Union 49


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I didn’t like the path I was headed down and decided it was time for a change. Today, I am a Journeyman who is successful in my profession and enjoying my life.”

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